The Lithium Voice

The journal of the International Lithium Association (ILiA). Each edition contains a letter from the Chair and membership news as well as articles about lithium and the lithium industry.

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The Lithium Voice | English | Volume 1, 2023

As well as the regular features, this edition includes:

    • A brief history or lithium
    • The origins of an atom: unlocking the mysteries of how lithium is created
    • In conversation with Anand Sheth and Roland Chavasse 
    • The ILiA membership

The Lithium Voice | Chinese |  第一卷,2023年

  •  对话 Anand Sheth 与 Roland Chavasse sse 

  •  国家锂业协会会员

  •  锂的简史

The Lithium Voice | Spanish | Edición nro. 1, 2023
  • Conversación con Anand Sheth y Roland Chavasse
  • Los miembros de ILiA
  • Breve historia del litio