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The Lithium Voice, Edition 3   

London, United Kingdom, 28 September 2023

The International Lithium Association (ILiA), the global not-for-profit industry association, is pleased to announce that the third edition of The Lithium Voice, is now available. The digital version is free and the magazine is published in English, Spanish and Chinese here.

In this edition of The Lithium Voice, you can read about an important traditional use of lithium: lubricating greases. When lithium is added to lubricating greases it improves performance, increases equipment longevity and lowers energy consumption. By fighting friction lithium greases save energy and boost sustainability.

This edition contains the first in a new regular section of the Lithium Voice – a view of the lithium landscape in South America from Daniel Jiménez, managing partner at iLiMarkets.

Our conversation this quarter is with Dr LeeAnn Munk, a professor in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Alaska in Anchorage and an Honorary Fellow of ILiA. She is widely recognised as a leading expert in South American salares. Dr Munk is excited about the way the science of lithium brine hydrogeology is developing to be unique, modern and progressive by using information from different disciplines to extract lithium in the best way possible.  

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