You are currently viewing ILiA welcomes Chengxin Lithium Group Co., Ltd. to its global industry community 

ILiA welcomes Chengxin Lithium Group Co., Ltd. to its global industry community 


ILiA is pleased to announce Chengxin Lithium Group Co., Lt.d has joined its global lithium community. As the world moves rapidly towards greener transport and more efficient energy use and storage, the International Lithium Association (ILiA), the not-for-profit industry association representing the global lithium value chain, brings together a growing community of leading lithium producers, processors and manufacturers during this time of unprecedented market growth. 

Mr Zhou Yi, Chairman of Chengxin Lithium, said “The International Lithium Association provides great networking opportunities and platforms for lithium upstream and downstream leaders. Through the joint efforts of the industry peers, the zero carbon goals will not be far away”. 

The Chinese lithium producer and refiner is focused on producing high quality lithium materials for lithium batteries and contributing to the sustainable development of world energy resources. It is an expanding arm of the Shenzen Chengtun Group and has significant plans to play its part, alongside a major vehicle manufacturing base, in the development of the ‘New Energy Industry’ in China’s Sichuan Province with new lithium industry base in the capital Chengdu. 

Chengxin Lithium’s Chinese production bases are also situated within Sichuan Province and, together with international operations in Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Argentina, capacity is forecast by the organisation to grow considerably. 

Driven by the global expansion of electric vehicle production and green energy capture, demand for lithium is forecast to increase by almost 6 times in the period to 2040, according to natural resource analyst Wood Mackenzie. This means mining expansion and an explosion in innovation requiring guidance, sustainability expertise and advocacy. ILiA member companies account for approximately 75% of current global lithium production. ILiA’s vision is to become a trusted global authority on lithium and support its members commitment to supply sustainable and responsible lithium. 

Responding to Chengxin Lithium’s membership, Secretary General of ILiA, Roland Chavasse said, “We are pleased to have another respected Chinese lithium producer join our Association and strengthen our global voice”.   

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