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ILiA launches The Lithium Voice magazine

London, 18 April 2023

The International Lithium Association (ILiA), the global not-for-profit industry association, is pleased to announce that the first issue of its magazine, The Lithium Voice, is now available.

The digital version is free and each edition will be published in English, Spanish and Chinese at

In the first issue of The Lithium Voice you can find out where lithium comes from, delve into the history of this special element and read a conversation with Anand Sheth and Roland Chavasse, the co-founders of ILiA, that reveals the circumstances that gave rise to the Association and showcases the founding members’ vision.   

The Lithium Voice seeks to impart content that allows readers to gain a fuller understanding of the world of lithium and its many uses. We look forward to delivering this magazine to our members, stakeholders and the wider public for who lithium has become a household word.

This is the lithium century!

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