The lithium atom is the smallest of the metal atoms in the periodic table.  It is the lightest and most reactive of the alkali metals, it floats on water but strongly reacts with water yielding lithium hydroxide and hydrogen gas. Lithium is a soft silver-grey metal, yet when combined with metals such as magnesium, it forms a very strong alloy.  Lithium is also highly reactive, reacting with water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen at room temperature. In contrast, lithium compounds, are very stable.

Element Properties

Atomic Number:3Atomic Radius:182 pm (Van der Waals)
Atomic Symbol:LiMelting Point:180.5 °C / 356.9 °F / 453.65 K
Atomic Weight:6.94Boiling Point:1330 °C / 2448 °F / 1603 K
Electron Configuration:[He]2sOxidation States:+1 (a strongly basic oxide)
Hardness (Mohs’ scale)0.6Density at 20 °C in g/cm30.53
Standard Electrode Potential in V-3.045Electrical conductivity in 10^6 (
Specific heat in J/(g.K)3.582Ionization potential in eV5.392