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Tianqi Lithium Corporation

ILiA welcomes Tianqi Lithium Corporation as a Core Member

The International Lithium Association (ILiA), the not-for-profit industry body representing the global lithium value chain, is delighted to welcome Tianqi Lithium Corporation (Tianqi Lithium) as a new Core Member.

Tianqi Lithium is one of the industry leaders in lithium mining and refining, and one of the few vertically integrated suppliers with investments in both rock and brine resources and incorporated conversion facilities. 

Founding Chairman Mr. Anand Sheth stated, “On behalf of the membership, I’m delighted to welcome one of leading global lithium producers, Tianqi Lithium to ILiA. Their in-depth knowledge, experience, global customer base and expertise will further strengthen the Association’s vision and mission. With investments on three continents and production facilities in China and Australia, Tianqi Lithium truly adds value to the global voice of the lithium industry.”

Mr Li Guo, Vice President and Tianqi Lithium’s delegate to ILiA stated, “At a time when the global lithium industry chain is undergoing profound changes, Tianqi Lithium is honoured to join the International Lithium Association. Together with members of ILiA and lithium industry corporates all over the world, Tianqi Lithium is devoted to change the world with lithium by actively practicing sustainability and advancing the high-quality development of the new energy industry.”    

With a history that extends back to 1992, today Tianqi Lithium is a leading global producer of lithium. According to the company’s high quality asset portfolio, its high quality lithium resources at the Greenbushes mine in Western Australia and Cuola mine in Sichuan, China, ensure that Tianqi Lithium has a stable supply of cost-efficient, high-quality lithium raw materials; contributing to improving operational efficiency, stability and flexibility of our downstream chemical production. With its strategic exposure to the world’s first-class brine resources in Chile and China as reserve, Tianqi Lithium is fully equipped to capture opportunities arising from the energy transformation trend globally.

ILiA was formed in 2021 to support the industry during a time of unprecedented market growth. Driven by growth in electric vehicle production, demand for lithium is forecast to increase by almost six times in the period to 2040 according to Wood Mackenzie. Faced with rapid growth, change and attention, lithium producers saw an urgent need for the industry to form an association that could efficiently and effectively address common challenges, such as promoting a sustainable and a responsible lithium supply chain.

Mr Roland Chavasse, Secretary General of ILiA, explained that Tianqi Lithium’s membership of ILiA means the Association now represents around 85% of global lithium production that includes the top two China-listed globally integrated miner and refiners.

The other Founding Core Members of ILiA are Albemarle, AMG Brazil, Allkem, Ganfeng Lithium, Pilbara Minerals and SQM. The Association also has over 30 Associate Members from across the value chain. Associate Members include new lithium mining projects, battery materials companies, battery manufacturers, and engineering companies.

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